“Don’t change your form without me,” LG coach says…Heroes 22-year-old prospect cherishes it for life

“Don’t change your form even if I’m not there.”

“I honestly didn’t know if I would be traded,” said Kiwoom multi-prospect Lee Ju-hyung (22) before the 30th match against Samsung in Gochuk. Most players who have never been traded think this way. I’ve been sweating my ass off at LG, waiting for the day I could be a starter, and then all of a sudden I get traded to Kiwoom. This is professionalism.

In fact, it’s a good thing for Lee. LG’s batting lineup is the best in the 10 clubs. He has only played 18 games for the first team this season. The industry calls him a top prospect, but in the end, a player can only increase his value as a player by playing.

“I only saw the positives,” said Hong Won-ki. As expected, he has a good mix of contact ability, one-hit power, and above-average power. Kiwoom has a weak outfield. The Gocheok Sky Dome is a land of opportunity for Lee Ju-hyung. An infielder by birth, but capable of playing the outfield as well, Lee has made a name for himself in the outfield.

On April 29-30, Lee went 2-for-8 with two doubles, a .250 batting average, one RBI, and one run scored for the Samsung Electronics. It wasn’t a very impressive performance, but it was a solid landing. He’ll likely continue to get opportunities for the foreseeable future. Currently, the only clear-cut starters in the Kiwoom outfield are foreign-born Ronnie Dawson and Lee Hyung-jong. One spot is open for everyone.

Life in Kiwoom is still awkward, but humans are adaptable creatures. Lee packed his bags in his bedroom on the morning of the 29th when he was informed of the trade, and he can’t forget the encouragement he received from his starting shortstop, Oh Ji-hwan. The day before he was traded, he heard from his hitting coach, Lee Ho-joon.

“Don’t change your form even if I’m not there,” he told Lee. The third-year player didn’t do anything special with Lee to prepare for this season. Reporters covering this year’s LG Scottsdale spring training didn’t notice anything different.

However, the coach said he liked Lee’s mechanics and encouraged him whenever he could. Lee hasn’t forgotten his gratitude. “Now that I think about it, I can see why Coach Lee Ho-joon said that. He might have known that I was going to be traded.”

Lee’s words of encouragement to Lee Ju-hyung came from the heart of a senior baseball player who cares about his junior. He wants Lee to keep his current hitting mechanics no matter what team he plays for in the future. With that, Lee Joo-hyung gained courage and moved to Kium. 메이저사이트

Oh told him, “Don’t be upset. It’s a better opportunity for you. I don’t know how you and (Kim) Dong-gyu feel because I’ve only played for one team, but this is not a consolation prize, but a congratulation.” Lee Joo-hyung, who played his first game after being traded, said, “After the game, the fact that I was traded hit me even harder.” Of course, he was even more grateful for the encouragement he received from Oh Daebae.

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